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How do I obtain a membership?

If you wish to become a member of the Forum Sports Club, come to the Club, call us on 8 616 36013 or send us an email to info@forumfitness.lt.

In order to prepare your membership, we will need to know your personal and contact information, the type of membership you choose, the starting date and the payment conditions. Once we have received the information mentioned above and discussed the membership conditions, you will be able to pay the membership fee at the club or by bank transfer.

Can I try your services free of charge before I purchase a membership?

We do not provide such an opportunity, however, if you have never visited Forum Sports Club before and are considering acquiring a membership, you are welcome to come and try our services. After that you can pay for a single visit or purchase a membership of your choice.

What kind of services and facilities does my membership include?

A membership includes our standard service package: the 25 m length swimming pool with 3 lanes and cascades, saunas, steams and infrared baths, Jacuzzis, separate man and women SPA areas, gym, an introductory session with a coach at the gym (with the first membership), group exercise classes, table tennis, outdoor terrace, dressing room lockers and towels.

VIP membership additionally includes:  5 free of charge visits of a guest of your choice per month, VIP underground parking, separate VIP changing rooms, a bathrobe, sports cloths’ laundry free of charge.

How do I choose the membership type that suits my need the best?

We recommend that you take into consideration the following factors when choosing your membership type:

If you would like to exercise alone or with your partner/ family;

How often, at what time of the day or week you are planning to come to the Sports Club;

The membership duration that you prefer;

The kind of service package (standard or VIP) you prefer. See the answer to the question above.

Once you’ve considered your needs and preferences, you will be able to decide which membership is the best for you: individual or family, unlimited or time-restricted memberships: noon, prenatal, or 8, 10, 16 visits memberships.  We can ofer a lower monthly fee for a longer period memberships, however, if you travel a lot or exercise irregularly for any other reason, we suggest you choose memberships of a shorter validity period.  Please note that all the memberships of 3 months and longer can be stopped (min. 7 days, max. 30 days within the membership period). If the standard service package is not enough for you and you would like more privacy at the changing room or additional services, we recommend that you take a look at our VIP membership offers.

I am going to be away for a while, can I temporarily suspend my membership?

All the 3 months and longer memberships can be temporarily suspended. The minimal period for which a membership can be suspended is 7 days, the maximum is 30 days. We may have special offer for yearly membership holders to suspend their memberships for up to 2 months. Please consult you manager for more detailed information regarding this possibility.

I just want to use the swimming pool, do you have such a membership?

Any membership service package includes the use of all the Sports Club’s facilities (you can find the list in the answer no. 3), we do not have a separate membership for the use of the swimming pool only

Why do I have to pay for the first and the last months of the membership?

When purchasing a long term membership (3-12 months) you can choose to divide your payment. In this case the first payment always covers the last membership month as well. For example, if you choose to pay every month, the first payment will consist of the first and the last months, that is, two months in total, and later you will pay for every month. The longer membership period you choose, the lower monthly price will be. In order to prevent purchasing long term memberships and them terminating them prematurely, we always request the first payment to cover the last membership month as well. If the membership is terminated before it expires, the first payment is not refunded.

What are the possible payment methods?

You can pay by bank transfer or in cash. Before proceeding with the payment, order the selected membership at the Club’s reception or from the management.

What is the age limit for the gym use?

Members from 18 years old are permitted to use the gym independently. Members from 16 to 18 years old may exercise at the gym, however, their parents carry responsibility for the children, their behavior and any damage to their health that may occur. Children between 14 and 16 may use the gym only when supervised by their parents and exercising according to a special individual program. Parents are held responsible for the safety and behavior of their children during the gym use. Use of the gym is prohibited for children younger than 14 years old, with the exception of a personal training session, when a child exercises with the help and under the supervision of a personal trainer.

What is the age limit for obtaining a membership?

Children younger than 2 years old may use the Sports Club free of charge when accompanied by their parents. From 3 years old they may use the Club’s facilities with the Child, Family or other membership. We recommend that before acquiring a membership you learn more about the type of games and other activities offered to children of a certain age group and in which areas of the premises children can stay unsupervised by adults.

Is there a parking lot next to the Club?

Yes, there is. The Club has 49 parking spaces reserved for its members. Parking is free of charge for membership holders. In case you park outside of our reserved parking area, you will be charged the standard Green Zone parking fee of Vilnius city. We advise that you follow road signs and get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the use of the reserved parking space. Further information about parking can be obtained from the Club’s receptionists.

Do I need to register for the group exercise classes?

Normally registration is not necessary, with the exception of the children’s swimming lessons. In case you need to register in advance, you will be informed well ahead of the class.

Can I terminate my membership?

Yes, you can terminate your membership. In case a membership is terminated before its expiration date, the  down payment and the fees for the membership months that have already passed are not refunded. The down payment is the sum of the fees of the first and the last month of your membership.

Can I change my membership type?

Yes, the membership type can be changed. In case a cheaper membership is converted into a more expensive one, the member covers the cost difference, if a more expensive membership is converted into a cheaper one, the validity of the new membership is extended respectively. If you wish to change your membership type, please contact the Club’s management.

Where and how can I choose my personal trainer?

You can find detailed information about the Club’s personal trainers at our website. Additionally, you can obtain a consultation by calling us at +370 616 36013.

Are all the group exercise sessions free of charge?

Yes, all the group exercise sessions are included in the membership or the single visit’s price.

I have never been to your sports club before, who is going to guide me through the facilities?

Before you use the services and facilities of the Sports Club, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the Rules of Use of the Sports Club (at the Sports Club), which explain the conditions of the use of the facilities in detail. General information regarding the use of the Sports Club can always be obtained from the Club’s administrators. At the gym and the swimming pool area you will find coaches on duty who will gladly provide you the necessary information.