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About the Camp

Forum Sports Club invites children to a swimming camp!

Forum Sports Club has been organizing children’s daytime sports camps for 15 years already. We gladly welcome all children aged between 6 and 10 and do our best to make sure they have an unforgettable experience.  Our camp’s agenda consists of various fun athletic activities with a particular focus on teaching children how to swim.

Camp’s duration is 5 days (Monday to Friday), the hours are 8 am to 6.00 pm. Three delicious and healthy daily meals for children.

At the camp children can take part in a variety of fun classes: swimming, street dance, basketball classes. After the intense sportive activities we offer a more relaxed, but just as entertaining intellectual and artistic activities: logics games and charades, as well as creative workshops where our campers try out various handicrafts – they make kites, draw posters, paint and play team games.

Children are accompanied by professional sports instructors at all times.

Every day campers have two swimming lessons, exercises in the water are chosen depending on every participant’s age and prior swimming skills. Swimming is a wonderful exercise – it helps to strengthen the body, has multiple health benefits, moreover, it boosts the swimmer’s self-confidence and courage. Usually children learn to swim easily and the skills acquired so early remain throughout their life. On Friday, the last day at the camp, we have a delicious goodbye cake and every camper receives a participant’s diploma.

Let our summer be meaningful. Let’s learn together and pave the path for an exciting future!