Junior swimming for children

The purpose of this workout is to train young swimmers to “tame” the water, as swimming provides the child’s safety while bathing or just being somewhere near the water. During the classes children will be taught basic skills in free style, diving elements, buoyancy in water and breathing techniques. For children from 5-7 years old.

A child who has learned how to swim in the young age  is able to manage his or her emotions and protect himself from bad lucks in the water. An active and healthy child is a happy child. Swimming is the only sport that trains all body muscles in the same time. This water sport not only helps to improve immunity, but also strengthens the heart and nervous systems, develops regular posture behaviors that are essential for the growing organism. A child also learns many important life skills such as tenacity, socialization and discipline. The activities in the swimming pool are more like children of the same age, which is why it promotes friendly competitions, communication and listening to each other.