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Roll & Release

Slow movements are performed using Special equipment (rolls, balls, etc.), ant these movements imitate massage that touches the body from the head to toes. Every muscle is massaged slowly. The purpose of this workout is to release the tension of miofascial structures, which helps muscles to perform their function better, improves blood circulation, reduces swellings and creates lymphic drainage effect, during the session you will feet which areas of your body are tense, because you will feel pain in them. After a few sessions the pain will disappear, you will enjoy a lighter body and better overall condition. It is great if you can do this self massage at least once a week, before or after a harder workout or after a long day at work, also if you suffer from stress or any kind of psychological tension. The group program was created applying traditional medical principles, the knowledge of anatomy, massage and techniques of miofascialic relaxation.

Instructor: Rima Firienė