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Swimming for children

Swimming is not the destination, it is an exciting journey.


Modern children have little physical activity and spend much of their time just sitting. Therefore, at least one sports activity should be attended. We invite your children to learn swimming or improve their skills in group swim training. Being able to swim is vital for every person and will be a lifelong skill. In addition, swimming at the same time strengthens and relaxes the body, therefore it is a very versatile sport.

Swimming lessons improve body balance, relieve tension. Parents notice an improvement in the appetite of fasted children and an increase in immunity. Regularly swimming makes your body more beautiful, your stamina increases, your posture improves. We recommend that you start swimming lessons as a school year – from autumn to spring. During this period, the child will learn basic movements, breathing techniques. We teach not only the basic 4 swimming techniques: frog, freestyle, crawl, dolphin. We also teach jumping into the water (usually the funniest part of the lesson), pulling the object from the bottom, diving in the water.