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Alyona Voino-Danchyshena

  • Personal training
  • Nutrition specialist

Qualifications and Major Achievements

Alyona came from Ukraine, where in 2005 graduated the National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine. In 2018 she completed the personal trainer course at the Fitness Professional Association. In 2017 became a silver medalist of the World Fitness Championship in London, of the WBFF Association. She is registered in the European Register of Exercise professionals - EREPS, also she is an accredited member of the Ukrainian Association of Dietitians. From 2019 successfully worked as a personal trainer in Ukraine, and provided services as a nutritionist in a private office.

Inspirational Quote:

The most important thing is to set your initial goals and then watch as you get closer and closer to them with each workout.

Trainings in English/Russian.
Instagram: alyona.voda

Contact phone: +37066401694