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Ramunė Komžienė

  • Prenatal exercise classes
  • Personal training

Qualifications and Major Achievements:

Ramunė - physiotherapist, lecturer, trainer of individual and group classes. Graduated LKKA (now - Lithuanian Sports University) with a bachelor's degree in therapeutic physical education and a master's degree in rehabilitation, she has the qualifications of a physiotherapist and trainer. Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Care of Vilniaus kolegija /University of Applied Sciences. Regularly participates in seminars and courses in Lithuania and abroad. Conducts in-service training seminars for trainers in Lithuania, gives lectures to students at European universities in the Erasmus+ teacher exchange program, reads reports at national and international conferences, participates in TV shows about health. She has been working in sports clubs for 21 years, specializing in pregnant and postpartum women, rehabilitation, posture correction, training for children and teenagers.

Inspirational Quote:

Respect to one’s body means respect to one’s personality, therefore we absolutely must take care of our health and wellness. The best motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle are the obvious changes in the way we look and feel when we practice what is good for us.

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