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Rima Firienė

  • Forum Sculpt
  • Aqua classes
  • Forum Pump
  • BOSU classes
  • Roll-release
  • Circuit training
  • Step classes

Qualifications and Major Achievements:

Rima possesses an MA degree in sports physiology from the Lithuanian Sports University as well as a lot of various certificates from additional seminars and trainings she has attended to raise her qualification and further deepen her knowledge (she attends five seminars per year on average), she is also an experienced sports instructor. Rima gives classes of interval training as well as step aerobics, Bosu, cardio, balance, and many others, she has also worked as a choreographer, dancer teacher and has trained other instructors.

Inspirational Quote:

We must remember that there are no limits for perfection, this is why it is important to keep learning and trying out new things. It applies to exercise as well, I am motivated by my curiosity and fuelled by new challenges. I invite you to dare face challenges with me - we can achieve more together!