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Prenatal AQUA

During pregnancy it is important not only to have a good rest, avoid harmful environmental factors and eat well, but also to remember exercise. A well-chosen physical brings a lot of benefits for both the future mother and the baby – movement stimulates blood circulation, so the fetus gets more oxygen, moreover, proof exists that if a woman exercises regularly during pregnancy, her children are also more likely to be athletic and achieve better results than their peers whose mothers were not physically active.

Exercise brings a truly wide range of benefits for the mom-to-be: less unnecessary weight is gained during pregnancy, there’s less risk of back pain and swollen ankles and the immunity gets stronger. It is likely that a fit pregnant woman will give birth easier and have a faster postpartum recovery. The social – psychological aspect is important too – at the exercise class for pregnant women you will meet and socialize with other future mothers, will learn to relax and worry less before the Big Day. It also has been proven that exercise helps to reduce the risk of postnatal depression – one more reason to hit the gym! If you have been physically active until now, do not forget exercise during pregnancy, and if sports has not been your cup of tea so far, now is the right time to give it a try!

A joyful mummy to be workout in water that strengthens muscles and tones up the body. Using various tools: sticks, belts, fins, balls, exercises that reduce joints loading, increase the amount of movements, relaxes tensed back and leg muscles.

Instructor: Rasa Donelienė