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VIP baths

Our VIP baths is a luxurious exclusive escape for everyone seeking a place to temporarily get away from the usual daily tasks and errands, put aside all the mundane responsibilities and chill out in a body-and-mind nourishing environment. You are welcome to pamper yourself with all the pleasures the water and the heat can provide. Our baths are available for you if you are looking for a cozy space for a small party, up to 10 people. You will not need to care about a single thing or hurry anywhere – just indulge yourself with a sheer comfort and allow yourself a minute of total relaxation. The Forum Palace restaurants will take care of the catering for you.

Urgent booking costs 20 Eur (if the booking is done 2 hours in advance or less). If there are more than 10 guests, each extra guest is charged 10 Eur.

Opening hours: upon request, advanced booking needed.

Contact number: +370 616 36013.

Reservation is obligatory.