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Daiva Kaminskienė

  • JUNIOR FIT+ coach
  • Organizer of summer camps for children

Qualifications and Major Achievements:

While you exercise, Daiva takes care of your little ones. She has been doing this job from 2009 years already and she adores it. Daiva is a qualified aerobics instructor and a dance and physical education teacher and has many years of experience in organizing children’s activities. She has worked as a teacher, summer camps’ organizer, head of a children’s art group and has actively participated in non-formal education activities. Every year Daiva organizes swimming camps of the kid’s club Čempionai where children not only learn to swim but do plenty of creative work and practice dance.

Inspirational Quote:

Our childhood spent playing actively, jumping around with a bunch of friends and doing fun sports leaves us fond memories and sets healthy habits for our future lives.

Contact phone +370 610 46618

Upcoming classes

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