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Neringa Aukštuolytė

  • Personal training

Qualifications and Major Achievements

Neringa has got a BA in physical therapy from two universities -Vilnius University of Applied Sciences and Vilnius University, and substantial experience of physical therapy practice at various hospitals. Neringa keeps deepening her knowledge on the subject and gaining skills in related professional areas at various seminars and workshops for group exercise instructors, instructors of specialized classes and wellness experts. She also trains actively and participates in fitness competitions. Her interests include sports and healthy nutrition as well as medicine.

Inspirational Quote:

No age, weather or circumstances can be unsuitable for exercise. The great thing about sports is that you need so little – just put your body in motion, and you will be reaping multiple benefits sooner than you think! Right after exercise people look so beautiful, their skin glows, this radiating happiness really inspires me to encourage others to feel this magic of movement.

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