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Martynas Kaškonas

  • Personal training

Qualifications and Major Achievements:

Since he was a teenager, discovered himself in athletics - ran sprints. Martynas has received his sports instructor’s qualification at the Lithuanian Sports University and keeps updating his knowledge by regularly participating in various trainings and specialized events for sports instructors. Martynas is a prize winner of the International and Lithuanian lightweight bodybuilding championships. Martynas has a lot of experience in working with very different clients, which makes him very knowledgeable when it comes to consulting clients on many sports and wellness-related topics.

Inspirational Quote:

We are all so different, but we all enjoy movement, everyone just needs to figure out what suits their personality the best. This part of working with people is very interesting. When someone finally finds the right type of exercise for them, a transformation happens. We are capable of amazing things, we just need to discover our full potential!

Contact phone +370 617 77132