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Neringa Jurgutavičienė

  • Pilates
  • Callanetics
  • Functional training
  • Step Interval

Qualifications and Major Achievements:

Neringa has a BA degree in sports and is a qualified teacher, she has been practicing aerobics since 1993 and has been a member of Forum Sports Club since 2011. Neringa often attends various sports-related workshops and conventions in Lithuania and abroad. She has a number of certificates to prove her expertise: a Fit Ball training certificate, EuroEducation European Fitness School certificate, Nike aerobics workshop participant’s certificate, callanetics training with special equipment course certificate, Pilates course participant’s certificate from Latvia and many others. Neringa took part in the Fitness festival in Florence in 2006, and in the Fit Style festival in Poland, as well as in various Fitness Factory trainings and many other events for sports professionals.

Inspirational Quote:

The key to success is a vision of the goal you desire. Then all you have to do is work steadily and be patient. It pays off - there’s nothing better than a toned body and the rush of happiness you feel after a good workout.

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