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Raminta Kerulytė

  • Forum Sculpt
  • Butt&Hipps
  • Stretch
  • Personal training

Qualifications and Major Achievements:

Raminta has 20 years of experience in the dance sport industry. At the University of Educational Sciences, she obtained a qualification as a sports coach, third level EQF (European Qualifications Union) health instructor certificate EREPS. She is registered in the European Health Professionals register. Raises her qualification and is currently studying a fourth Level of EREPS program for not only health professionals but also physiotherapists.
Continuously improves knowledge in various seminars, trainings, and courses for both group and personal training professionals. Involves and organizes various mass sports events.

Inspirational Quote:

People who inspire us to achieve what is impossible, physical exercise that squeezes the ninth sweat and the risk of extending the freedom of action - is a healthy stress that encourages us to grow.